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Frequently asked questions by Investors

What do you do?

We market, lease and manage residential investment properties like no one else. We just can't help but strategize ways to improve your bottom line. Its best to think of us as your personal investment property strategist.

What does Serve Invest Prosper mean

Serve Invest Prosper are the 3 key pillars that underpin the way we operate our company. This is a philosophy that we live and breath everyday in and outside of our business. It has brought allot of success our way and now we hope to share this philosophy with others. We have even placed these pillars in our logo to serve as a daily reminder that all actions must align with these three pillars.

How many properties do you manage

Advantas has a strict intake policy, only allowing 100 new properties to come under management each year. We are in the business to form powerful & profitable partnerships not transactions. Our intake policy allows us to review our systems before engaging in more business. That means for you as a client, you are truly at the forefront of our mind and not our pockets!

How long have you been in the industry

I have been in the industry for over 10 years. I first began my career at the age of 16, initially working for free! This is a prime example of the Serve Invest Prosper principle. This small act of service has granted me a wealth of experience and an extremely successful career that led to building my own business or what I like to refer to as my community of like minded people.

What makes Advantas different

Because we think different, we do different. We are big believers that mindset matters. Our attitude ultimatley determines our behaviour. It is the very difference between a good property manager and a great one.

What are your fees

Apart of our Serve Invest Prosper philiosophy means we understand 1 shoe does not fit all. For this reason we have created 3 different management packages to better suit your needs. You probably wouldn't have thought so but there is a big difference in the amount you spend depending on your property and tenancy type. Yet, we see so many owners focus all their attention on 1 key thing...the management %....this is not a good strategy. If you are in the market for the cheapest agent, we can openly say we are not the agent for you. If however your interest is in maximising the returns on your investment properties and formulating a strong wealth creation strategy then your in the right place.

What does Advantas mean

The word Advantas is derived from the word "Advantage". We selected this name because it is only through our real life experiences (mostly the difficult ones) that we have been given an advantage in understanding what it truly means to form part of your investment strategy. The biggest fear for most of us, is working so hard and then loosing it all. We understand this, we have lived it and recovered and it has provided a burning desire to really change the way business is done.