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Its best to think of us as your personal property strategists

On top of marketing, leasing and managing residential properties, the true advantage in working with us is undoubtedly our investor network.

While although property management is our core business, Advantas aims to serve as your conduit to industry specialist that you may not have previously considered or had access to.

Just like us, our partners aim to serve as trusted investment partners who help maxmise your wealth creation strategy. 

Whether your at the beginning of building your property portfolio or a veteran investor, we can help connect you to people you can trust here in WA.

We do...



Tenancy Management

Our partners do...



Buyers agent


We hate raisins, loose change and poor service.


Had a bad experience in the past? 

Still feeling that little bit skeptical?


You are the reason we offer all clients a service guarantee!

This is not a 30, 60 or 90day guarantee- this is our lifetime guarantee.

Our Partners:

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