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How do you cut your carrots????

For any one who knows me, knows, my name and the word "cooking" (or anything remotely related to it) are not often found in the same sentence.

Ahhh yes, I am that 0.0001% of women that don’t particularly like to cook and quite frankly doesn’t have to thanks to my talented husband. So how on earth does my little tribe survive when dad is not home to cook ? We will get to that in a minute, but before I do let’s get more to the point of this strange title - how do YOU cut your carrots ? It was 2017 and the staff and I were at a team building event at a local charity that required each member to split into groups and prepare dinner & desserts for the guests. Beneath the high spirits and laughter I was a nervous wreck squirming at the thought of not just having to cook but cook IN FRONT of my team! How embarrassing!! what will they think once they know I really don’t cook ? Sure we had joked about it but i never thought my incompetence would ever be put on display, at least not in front of my team & yet I signed myself up for this, what was I thinking ! Within that room alone I was suppose to be the boss, a leader and a great employee, yes even the business owner was there. To be honest however what I was most concerned about was that my greatest role of all would be on display; being a Mum ! What would they think of a Mum who doesn’t cook, and right there that was it I had opened the flood gates and was drowning in my own sea of negative thoughts but I knew I couldn’t chicken out. “OK guys let’s get to it, 1hr till dinner time” the head chef said. “Suck it up Wrobluskie” I quietly told myself as I took a deep breath & reluctantly went to my bench. “You’ll be on the stir-fry, start by chopping all the veggies” she said. Exhaling my breath I grabbed the razor sharp knife and my bag of carrots. “Ah, how do you want these cut” I asked. “Just like small carrot sticks” she replied, in a slightly condescending tone. And that was it! My display of incompetence and inability to cut a simple carrot correctly became the punch line of many jokes.

But in that moment I didn’t care because I knew I could teach a valuable lesson from this... I explained to my team that at the end of the day it’s not important HOW I cut the carrot. What’s important is that I give my best shot and get the job done & that is what I did.

The carrot in many ways represents each of our circumstances.

We are all capable of what ever we choose but we must be willing to give it a go first to find out exactly what we can do.

Yet so often we are too consumed by the way others are doing it that the fear of getting it wrong or doing it differently stops us all together and that is a real tragedy. In my case (with the story of the carrot) the end result was that the guest knew no better and enjoyed their meal.

What could have just been an embarrassing memory and tragic experience for me became a moment I will never forget and what I hope was a valuable lesson for others. So pay more attention how YOU cut your carrots and less about how others cut theirs. Don’t be afraid to fail at things be afraid to never try.

Not only do I cut my carrots perfectly today but believe it or not the breakthrough of not chickening out and believing in the lesson I had shared with the team had sent me on a cooking spree.

I have to this day accomplished some of the most amazing dishes my family has ever tasted and I didn’t even know I was capable of cooking! So what is your carrot or your circumstance? Is that call you’ve been putting off or the business idea you’ve been overthinking?

What ever it is look at it like the carrot. It does not matter HOW it matters that you DO!

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