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Updated: Nov 24, 2021

The legislation commonly known "Reef's Law" has been passed today by Western Australia’s parliament.

This legislation now allows tenants to be able to affix furniture to the walls of a rental property, following the death of Perth toddler, Reef Kite, who was crushed by a chest of drawers. An excerpt from an ABC article provides further context: Reef Kite's Mum had purchased the drawers a few months earlier, but her landlord had not granted permission for it to be secured to a wall. A coronial inquiry found there was no evidence of criminal wrongdoing but recommended changes to the law, so tenants could not be prevented from securing furniture to a wall in the interest of child safety. The child’s mother was quoted as saying: “Pool fencing is a requirement, RCD protectors are a requirement, this law should be a requirement in the Tenancy Act. I hope this makes landlords realise that a child’s life is much more important than a couple of holes in a wall that can be patched up.”

Acting Commerce and Industrial Relations Minister Fran Logan said the legislation was a no-brainer. “The simple act of being able to secure furniture to the wall, the simple act of being able to secure a large TV to the wall and the small damage it might make to a landlord’s home is a very little price to pay in order to protect a child’s life,” he said.

Consumer Protection have released the following information today: The Consumer Protection Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 amends the Residential Tenancies Act and means landlords must allow tenants, who submit a request form, to attach furniture to a wall to prevent a child, or a person with a disability, from being hurt or killed. Owners can only refuse the form request in very limited circumstances, such as when the home is heritage-listed or if the walls contain asbestos.

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