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How to Choose a Good Property Manager

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

An investment property is an asset demanding professional and proactive management so you can protect its value and maximise its returns. While you save money when you manage it yourself, a licensed and experienced investment property manager can lessen your load and provide you with valuable insights.

However, choosing the right property manager can be overwhelming, especially for first-timers. Asking the right questions is vital, so is knowing the credentials and traits to look for. Read below for guidance on how to choose a good property manager in Baldivis.

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Tips on Choosing a Good Property Manager

1. Look for Specialised Experience

Don't turn to a Baldivis real estate agent to manage your investment. Find a property manager who has proven credentials on the type of property you own. One who has a good track record on residential properties may not be the best person for a commercial building.

Someone who has a good sense of familiarity on national and local laws is the right choice as well.

2. Check Online Reviews and References

Reading online reviews is a given practice when availing of products or services, but it's best to look at credible sites, such as the Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau.

If you can (and you should), speak with a past or current client of your potential property manager. Ask the relevant questions:

  • Is he/she responsive to queries?

  • Does he/she proactively address vacancies and maintenance issues?

  • Does payment arrive on time?

3. Verify Licenses or Certifications

Check if a property manager's real estate license is up to date. Also, check if the outlined certifications and affiliations in your potential property manager's portfolio are legitimate.

4. Find Out What Services They Offer

Property managers have varying specialities. The same goes for the real estate agencies they are affiliated with. Check which among them offers services most suitable for your needs, so you don't end up wasting money on add-ons.

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