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6 Features to Check When Buying A House

Updated: May 19

If you are considering purchasing a home, do a physical check if possible.

While modern technology allows for virtual viewing in the form of walk-throughs and video conferencing, some aspects of a property can’t be conveyed unless you are physically present.

Here are some features you should check when viewing a home:

1. Condition

Start by taking a tour in and around the house.

Inspect crucial aspects of the house such as plumbing, electric wiring, the foundation, and cracks in the wall.

Check the roof for signs of water accumulation, which could indicate water damage.

2. Neighbourhood

An overview of the neighbourhood can be as important a factor as the house itself.

The quality and condition of the homes, coupled with recent property valuations in the area, are all good indicators of the neighbourhood.

Some other aspects to consider are recent burglary rates, the availability of nearby shops, pharmacies, restaurants, hospitals, local transport, and an adequate drainage system.

3. Size and Open Space

When viewing a home, consider the amount of open space the house offers.

Natural light is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In Baldivis, north-facing houses usually get more natural light.

Also, take note of the amount and size of the windows. More windows mean more light in your house, which creates a feeling of space, and can prevent potential health hazards such as mould.

4. Boundaries

Check whether the boundaries the seller mentioned are the same as what’s provided on the titles.

If you are unsure, you can contact a surveyor to inspect the boundaries.

5. Infrastructure

An important factor to consider is the accessibility of basic infrastructures in the area.

The availability of sufficient water supply, amenities like telephone and internet connectivity, access to recreational parks, street lighting, and connectivity to transport networks are crucial to living comfortably.

6. Appliances

Often the cost of the house may include major appliances in the sale like an oven, heaters, and a dishwasher.

Check that these are in good working condition as it will reduce the additional expense of having to purchase or repair these items when you move in.

Find Your Dream House Today

If you are considering the purchase of a property, a careful walk-through inspection will go a long way to ensure you make a good choice.

If you are looking to buy a house in Baldivis, contact Advantas Property Group on 0407 655 429.

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