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How Can Advantas Property Management Help You?

Updated: May 20

Advantas Property Group are experts at ensuring that a rental property runs according to the owner's instructions. We ensure that the financial and personal objectives for offering appealing living conditions get met.

We ensure that tenants who occupy the property are responsible, make payments on time, follow budgets, and the rental is appropriately maintained, among other things.

If you're having trouble managing your property on your own, we can help. Here's a typical scenario that confronts many people, one that we can address in no time:

Success Story 1: One of the Classic Challenges That Rental Property Owners Face

Challenge Faced by the Landlord

Our client in Baldivis was self-managing his house, and it was a beautiful, modern 4 Bed, 2 Bath, 2 Car Park home. He contacted us about many unresolved issues with his tenant. When we looked at his tenant's file, it was evident that:

• The owner had not conducted a thorough tenant application check

• The tenant was in gross arrears

• The tenant was paying $100 below market value

• The house was not inspected regularly

• The owner had no landlord insurance

Solution by Advantas Property Group

Advantas Property Group was approached to manage the situation. Upon taking over the property, we instructed the client to:

• Immediately obtain landlord insurance and notify the insurer of the issue

• Issued appropriate notices to legally terminate the lease

• Commenced the eviction process

• Arranged for methamphetamine test

• Arranged for decontamination

• Lodged an insurance claim

• Re-let the property once it was all back to a good, clean, safe condition

What Was the Result of Our Intervention?

Our now-regular client received a significantly greater rent return, earning an additional $5,200 per year in the first year and $10,400 per year in subsequent years.

We could also free up this client's time for other enterprises because he owned many businesses and had little to no time for tenancy concerns. His decision to trust a well-versed professional in the local market has paid off handsomely!

About Advantas Property Group

In the truest sense of the word, we provide a partnership. Our investment strategies go beyond leasing and administration. It all comes down to our capacity to form powerful and profitable alliances.

We don't just say you'll be glad you reached out; we guarantee it. As seen by our success story here, we can manage your property while ensuring that it retains, if not increases, its value over time. Say goodbye to the pressure of handling your tenants; we've got you!

Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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