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Questions To Ask A Real Estate Agent Before Renting Your Home

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

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Renting your home for the first time can be quite overwhelming. You might have lots of questions, while also hoping to get the best price and the ideal tenant for your home. That can be quite a lot to work on, and getting professional help is just the way to go.

Below is a quick checklist of the things you need to ask your Baldivis real estate agent before renting your home.

Questions to ask a real estate agent before renting your home

1. Will you personally be looking after my property? If not, who will?

There are times when the property manager communicates with the clients; however, he/she will not always be the actual person managing the property. Knowing who will be on the ground will help you have better and faster communication with the agent.

2. How long have you been in the real estate industry and your agency? Can you tell me more about your experience in managing properties in my area?

Getting to know your property manager will give you more confidence that the best person manages your home. Ask your real estate agent how long he is working with his current agency, to make sure you will not be talking to different agents every few months.

3. What is the process of your agency regarding rental payments?

Do not hesitate to ask for detailed answers; after all, this is business. Ask your property manager how the money will be transferred to you, how often they collect rent from tenants, what the agency policy is when a tenant is behind in rental fee, and if there are late payment fees in place?

4. Who will manage urgent home repairs?

This goes both for managing the logistics of the repair as well as the cost. Most agencies have a list of partner contractors for emergencies, as well as a fixed limit of the amount that they can cover for immediate home repairs. Also, how soon will they contact you during scenarios like these?

These are just some of the questions you shouldn’t miss before renting your home. See more real estate tips on our blog!

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