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Selecting the Right Type of Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Property in West Australia

Updated: May 23

Finding the ideal real estate agent can be the most stressful part of selling your property. Depending on their circumstances, sellers might need different types of real estate agents.

Luckily, Advantas Property Group has got you covered. Let's look at selling situations that our real estate agents can help with:

4 Common Types of Real Estate Selling Situations:

1. First Time Property Sellers

You've never sold a home; in the real estate world, you are termed as "green." As expected, you may have trouble navigating the real estate world.

In this case, we'll assign a suitable agent equipped with the patience and capacity to take you through a step-by-step guide. You'll understand the basics, know what homeowners like, and all the fundamentals without the technical jargon.

2. You’re Not Green To Selling But Not Confident Doing It Alone

You may have sold a property before; only it was a long time ago. As such, you may not be overly confident in the procedure. In this case, you need a credible, trustworthy and updated agent who will guide you with current methods.

3. You’re Familiar With The Process But Don’t Have the Time

You may be confident and are familiar with the process, but time is a luxury you can't afford. You want someone to take care of the whole process.

You need an agent who can take your home from listing to sale promptly and confidently. It would be best to find someone efficient, dependable, well-connected, goal-oriented, and hardworking.

4. You’d Like To Sell Your Home by Yourself But Need Guidance

Suppose you have the experience, confidence, time, and expertise. In that case, you may find that you are capable of selling your home yourself. You could also have reasons why you're hesitant to sell through a real estate agent.

And that's completely fine! In this case, all you need is an agent who will guide you collaboratively and assist where you need expert advice.

Traits To Look For in Your Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Property

Excellent Negotiating Skills

A good agent will assist you in achieving the best possible price for your property (based on current market conditions). They should also provide a solid presentation guideline and systematic marketing strategy.

Good Communication Skills

They should keep an open channel of communication with their client: Regular updates on the progress of the sale and any new inquiries, whether positive or negative.


A good agent has their client's best interests at heart and is attentive to their demands.

Up-To-Date Knowledge of the Industry

In the property market, knowledge is a valuable asset. Your agent should be aware of any new developments and external factors that influence the market.

Assertive, Courteous and Charismatic

Real estate agents should neither be too laid back nor too pushy. They should be assertive with a touch of charisma to appear professional and shrewdly articulate their sales value proposition.

Advantas Property Group - We Minimise Risk, You Maximise Profits

Want to sell your property in Baldivis, Western Australia? Contact Advantas Property Group. We will suggest the perfect agent for sales needs.

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