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What Do Tenants Look for in a Rental Property?

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

It is easy to work with the best tenants. They pay their rent on time and they take care of the property. How can landlords attract these tenants? They ensure their rental property matches the needs and wants of their potential tenants. A Baldivis property manager can make your job easier by getting you the right tenant.

Tenants Look for the following in a Rental Property:


Tenants consider the location of the property before they rent it. Tenants search for a rental property that is close to schools, public transport, shopping areas, restaurants, cafes and parks and other public spaces.

Safety and Security

Tenants check the safety and security of the location before moving there. Families with young children want to live in a safe and secure place. Having good security on a rental property is very important. Landlords can install deadlocks and upgrade their security system to improve safety and security at their rental properties.

School District

The best tenants consider the school district in the area. This is a major priority for tenants with children who are still going to school. They consider the schools because they want to give their children a quality education. Additionally, many landlords know that rental properties in a good school district have the best tenants.


Tenants hate searching for a parking spot. Rental properties in suburban areas have plenty of parking spaces. However, tenants consider parking spaces in an urban environment. That is why landlords, providing parking, get tenants easily and retain most of their tenants for a long time.

Age of the Property

Tenants hate spending time out of their homes as landlords do repairs. Therefore, tenants are more likely to move into a new rental property. They know they can stay in the house without worrying about repairs for a very long time. Proper maintenance can help landlords with old rental properties attract great tenants.

It takes time and lots of effort to find the best rental properties in Baldivis. Therefore, for tenants looking to rent a house or property in Western Australia, contact Advantas Property Group to save time and money.

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