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Why Use a Property Manager

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

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Rental properties are an excellent investment when appropriately managed. If you decide to self-manage, you need to maintain the upkeep, select and manage tenants, collect rent, and handle day-to-day issues concerning your property. Over time, the tasks of property management can overwhelm and stress you out. Why not hire a property manager in Baldivis to reduce your load?

Reasons for Using a Property Manager

There are various reasons to use a professional property manager – and we’ve listed them here.

1. Less legal headaches

An unaddressed maintenance issue can be a potentially damaging lawsuit later on. Hiring a professional property manager helps you deal with the legal and economic aspects of your rental property. They are experienced with property law in many Australian states to ensure your compliance with tenant screening, safety, tenant evictions, unit inspections, rent collection, and others.

2. Better tenant selection and retention

Your property value is only as good as the quality of your tenants. With a property manager by your side, they can perform the necessary background checks to select tenants who make timely payments and maintain your property. Having a dedicated property manager to deal with tenants professionally helps build a long-term and profitable relationship.

3. Efficient rent collection

Collecting rent is a critical part of property management. Having an efficient rent collection guarantees a consistent and sustainable cash flow. A professional property manager acts as a buffer between the property owner and tenant, saving you from the stress and drama stemming from rent issues.

4. Reduced maintenance and repair costs

A well-maintained property makes tenants happy and preserves your asset’s value. A property manager assures regular inspections and maintenance reports. You can also have access to their network of trustworthy contractors who can provide quality and fair-priced work.

5. Personal benefits

Lastly, deciding not to self-manage and delegating the task to a professional property manager has enormous personal advantages. Doing so means less stress in dealing with issues round-the-clock, more freedom to grow and scale your business, and more time spent with people who matter to you.

Hiring a Property Manager Is the Way to Go

When scouting for a property manager, you should make sure they’re competent, professional, and have the right resources available to manage your property. They will of course charge you a fee for their services, but consider how much you’ll save in time and money especially by avoiding fines and penalties from the government.

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