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Advantas Property Group is a leading residential property management company in Western Australia. If you are looking for a trusted partner to help you market, lease, and manage your rental property in Baldivis, our professional team of property specialists can help you maximise your wealth creation strategy.


Whether you already have a property portfolio or just starting out, let us make your property work for you by connecting you to the right people you can trust. We strive to add value through our honest commitment to effective management services that will make your life easier, reduce costs, and help improve the lifestyle of those who choose to live in the properties we manage.


Unfortunately, overlooking the possibility of hiring a property management company can prove detrimental, especially in the long-term. 


1. Faster Rent Collection Every Month


In every establishment, you’ll find that there’s always that one tenant or two who always lag behind on rent payments. Going about rent collection every 30 days can be a challenge especially if you have other businesses or managing different properties at once.  By hiring a professional property manager, you’ll get someone committed to ensuring you get your rent collection on time.


2. Avoid Legal Ramifications


Managing tenants can be a tedious task especially when they are unable to pay, thus compelling you to evict them. However, there are a lot of legal stipulations that dictate how Australian landlords should go about evicting tenants. One wrong decision could leave you with a hefty lawsuit. 


A professional property manager should be well versed with the law in regards to such situations and can help you avoid the harsh side of the law. 


3. Lessen Your Workload


It’s only natural that some landlords will want to self-manage their property. Perhaps they’re emotionally attached since it is a reflection of their hard work. Or maybe they’re still swinging on the fence in regards to having someone do their management for them. 


Apart from the above, a Property Manager can also help you with the following:

  • Market the property and look for suitable tenants

  • Take care of any advertising

  • Organise and manage open house days 

  • Do thorough background checks on prospective tenants

  • Take care of general administrative tasks and maintain records

  • Prepare required documents and see to the signing of the lease agreement

  • Carry out inspections and present you with written entry and exit reports

  • Offer advice on proper property management

  • Manage and collect rental payments on your behalf 

  • Provide you with regular updates

  • In the event of a dispute, represent you at the tribunal


Regardless, managing a property is hard work. There’s the aspect of finding new tenants, dealing with repairs, as well as keeping tabs on tenants who haven’t paid their rent.   


With a professional property manager, you’ll get to say goodbye to such struggles as they’ll handle everything in your stead so you can focus on expanding your empire. 

Why Choose Us?

Advantas Property Group strives to offer you the best property management service to ensure that your investment property is well run, alleviating the pressure of personally dealing with tenants. We believe that the only way to provide true value is to offer a professional, hands-on approach by building a trusting relationship with tenants and visiting the property regularly as opposed to administering from behind a desk. With our dynamic approach, we strive to reduce costs and relieve you from the pressure of managing your own property.


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