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The Experience You've Been Waiting For.


"Real Estate is about so much more than owning property, it's your roadmap to financial freedom.

We have seen both ends of the spectrum firsthand and have a true understanding of the responsibility we hold in forming part of our clients journey"


- Sas

Director & Licensee

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"The difference between  a successful and profitable tenancy can be hinged on a handful of elements, not just the rental rate"



- Tony

 Sales Director

Current Perth Vacancy Rate 1.1%

We minimise risk. You maximise profits.

At Advantas we understand that saving and securing assets such as property is only half the story...


"A well considered investment strategy coupled with sound and diligent day-to-day management is critical to protect any wealth creation pathway"

                                    - Saskia Wrobluskie, Founding Director

Current Perth Vacancy Rate 1.1%